Defend democracy

– More devolution for Wales and its communities

– Extend proportional representation to Westminster elections

– Speed up the plan to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050

– An end to the crony system in Whitehall and Westminster

– Defend the human rights of migrants and refugees

Twelve years of Tory rule, on top of decades of free-market chaos, have severely weakened our democracy. We’ve got ministries run by crony appointees, the electoral commission weakened, the media awash with right-wing disinformation, compulsory ID at polling booths.

So with democracy, it’s time to use it or lose it. We need a radical devolution of power to towns, cities, regions, nations and neighbourhoods.

Labour conference policy is to support PR at Westminster elections. I want to see that commitment in our manifesto and programme for government.

I want to see an elected House of Lords. I support increased devolution of powers to Scotland and Wales, and strong regional devolution for England.

A million Welsh speakers
I support the Welsh government’s plan to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050 (I am learning, slowly). The language is a cultural treasure of global significance and I applaud those who fought to keep it alive. I will use my resources as an MP to encourage more Welsh language speaking, and aim to employ a bilingual Welsh speaker on my team locally. Here’s my life story, and why I’m standing in Welsh.

Kick out the cronies
On the first day of a Labour government I want to see all the cronies appointed by the Tories – to the BBC, the National Trust etc – dismissed, along with the “non-executive directors” they’ve placed in government departments. The bizarre arrangements that allow corporate CEOs to decide how public money is spent should be scrapped: public service should be done by neutral public servants only.

Reject the far-right
With the far-right trying to exploit the migration crisis, backed by well-funded far-right media operations, I’m proud that the Labour and trade union movement has led the counter-offensive from the grassroots up. We need to offer fascism’s target audience a radical alternative and a narrative of hope.

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