Redistribute Wealth

Poverty and destitution on a vast scale: that’s what 14 years of Tory government have delivered. The answer is to redistribute wealth.

I want to see a Labour government close tax loopholes worth billions a year, and to pledge the extra money to revolutionising health, social care, local councils, defence and the green transition. We need to start taxing wealth as well as incomes, and adopt the steeply progressive tax principles of the successful post-war Labour governments.

That’s how we fund councils to start building council houses; how we rebuild the NHS; how we pay for the uplift to defence spending needed to meet Russian aggression.

We need to promote redistribution through every channel: rising real wages, universal basic services, making the essentials like transport and social care cheap or free; reform welfare and the tax system to create the beginnings of a basic income scheme, as the Welsh government has done for care leavers.

Labour doesn’t just need to win an election. Like the Attlee government of 1945, we need to establish a new consensus: for an economic model that puts people and planet before the interests of global finance.

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