Paul Mason
for Islington North

‘The next five years are critical. To defeat the politics of division, Labour has to deliver on our promises and tell a story of hope.’

I’m Paul Mason – journalist, trade unionist and a lifelong campaigner for social justice. I’m standing for selection as Labour’s candidate for Islington North because what we do in the next Parliament will be critical.

The scale of poverty in parts of Islington, with families struggling to make ends meet, alongside rents so high they are driving people out of the Borough, means we have to win here

As a former NUJ rep at the BBC, and a seasoned campaigner, I will use my skills and experience to fight for: Saving maternity care at the Whittington; giving Sadiq Khan the powers he needs to control rents and build affordable homes; and getting Islington the money it needs to roll out a local net zero plan that could slash bills across the Borough.

This campaign will be a challenge. We’ll need to fight for every vote. But I’m used to that: in 2019 the Labour Party sent me out to campaign across the so-called Red Wall, where votes were on a knife edge.

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