Can you help me become Islington North’s next Labour MP?

I’m standing for selection in Islington North. Voting starts 24 May and ends 1 June. If you can help me, or want to ask a question, or suggest an issue to campaign on, please fill in this form. If you’re a member in Islington North please let me know your ward or trade union. I will try to speak to every member and affiliate in the time available.

For Press Queries my number is on most editorial systems. I don’t have a campaign “machine” or a press officer, just drop me a WhatsApp. Good luck to the other candidates.

For professional queries:

For publicity about How To Stop FascismPostcapitalism and other books, including signings, contact Annabel Huxley at Allen Lane.

For professional speaking engagements please contact Wendy Morris at the London Speaker Bureau.

For books, stage and screen writing, including my forthcoming book Reds: A Global History of Communism, please contact Matthew Hamilton at The Hamilton Agency.