Northern Soul: Keeping The Faith (BBC TWO, 2013)

For BBC TWO’s The Culture Show I revisited the Northern Soul scene of the 1970s, where working class kids from Wigan curated the black music of Detroit and Chicago, and defined an era…

#ThisIsACoup (Field of Vision, 2015)

Director Theopi Skarlatos. Narrator Paul Mason. Executive producer Karen O’Connor.

In this four-part documentary series Paul Mason follows the Greek uprising against the Eurozone, from inception to defeat. With exclusive access to the corridors of power, and at the front line of social conflict.

Astoria (Young Vic, 2016)

Written and directed by Paul Mason

Budapest 2016: At the height of the refugee crisis, a Syrian woman searches for friends in the backstairs of a Budapest hotel. But the building has an unacknowledged past…

K is for Karl (2018)

Written and narrated by Paul Mason, director Theopi Skarlatos

No thinker has influenced the modern world more than Karl Marx. But what did he really think? In these five short animated documentaries, commissioned by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung for the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth Paul Mason explores the key concepts of Marxism.

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