Labour’s one realistic option: back Remain

The economic nationalist left reaches a dead end.
8 Jul 2019

Labour’s Brexit nightmare

Corbyn slumps to 14% in European poll as party strategists get it wrong.
27 May 2019

To the postcapitalist city

What would you have called the social system in Amsterdam in 1619?
23 May 2019

Building bridges to Remainia…

If the Labour Party wants to win, its strategy has to change
23 May 2019

North-South divide

City regions with fiscal autonomy needed to bridge England’s power gap
9 May 2019

Huawei exposes UK’s geopolitical dilemma

Block the Chinese tech giant on security grounds, but stop playing the neocons’ game
9 May 2019

Werden Unregierbar

Wie können wir den Faschismus stoppen? Sechs Vorschläge…
9 May 2019

Interview with CCCB Barcelona

Les tecnologies de la informació minvaran la necessitat de feina
9 May 2019

Manifesto of a Marxist snowflake

Interview in the Irish Times on Clear Bright Future
8 May 2019

Risks are a thing… thoughts on MMT

The Green New Deal needs a class struggle, not an accounting exercise.
27 Apr 2019