UK managed democracy looms

Johnson now has the power to squash the independent judiciary and sideline international commitments on human rights  
21 Dec 2019

Corbynism is over – learn the lessons

Labour’s left has to break with centralised control and build social movements
21 Dec 2019


Nato in una famiglia della working class del nord dell’Inghilterra, Paul Mason è un profondo conoscitore di quelle zone depresse, di quel “muro rosso” che si è sgretolato davanti all’avanzata della xenofobia nazionalista-conservatrice.
19 Dec 2019

NEW! After Corbynism: Where next for Labour (v1.4)

Where does Labour go next after its 2019 election failure. A new e-pamphlet from Paul Mason. Click above for PDF. Version 1.4 updated 16 December.
15 Dec 2019

Labour’s fiscal plans reframed

Massive emphasis on borrowing versus taxation in switch to Green New Deal
14 Nov 2019

Plymouth: an election in the dark…

Where GP shortages and poverty are the focus for Labour – not Brexit
14 Nov 2019

True meaning of Johnson-Farage pact

Britain’s election may come down to tactical voting – to defend democracy
14 Nov 2019

Can Labour get people to focus beyond Brexit?

On the doorsteps in Milton Keynes, where Labour is targeting two Tory held seats.
6 Nov 2019

Politics as self care for the rich

Why the Conservative election launch is mired in scandals and apologies
6 Nov 2019

How Noel Coward made me a Marxist

Class struggle and the crisis of the establishment drove my teenage self to revolt in the 1970s
22 Oct 2019