The thought-architecture of modern fascism is constructed around five ideas:

– that migration is a form of ‘genocide’ against the white race

– that feminism, liberalism and human rights advocates are the willing accomplices

– that behind it all lies “Cultural Marxism” – a plot to destroy western society

– that the main activity has to be, for now, storytelling through symbolic violence – preparing for…

– the cataclysmic moment when liberal democracies are drowned within a global, ethnic civil war

The thought-architecture is coherent, despite its detachment from reality. As freemarket ideology collapses, and with it people’s belief in democracy and even their sense of self, millions are caught up in movements like QAnon, the Querdenker in Germany, or Modi’s aggressive Hindu nationalism.

The ideological foundation of 21st century fascism is rejection both of modernity and humanism: its deepest thinkers want to reverse social progress back at least 250 years, before the birth of modern science, the Enlightenment and democracy.

But today’s fascists don’t need to wait for a Hitler to write Mein Kampf: they use networks to co-create and evolve the fascist doctrine, independently of leaders and hierarchies, fuelling the process of myth making and quasi-religious conversion.