R is for Rosa

Covid 19 – with Frank Barat, on the Eurozone and austerity

C-19 is part of a General Crisis of Capitalism

Is this the end of capitalism? Al Jazeera 20/2/20

Discussing Labour’s defeat

Farage-Johnson pact = Trump takeover, Sky News

Speech in Albert Square, Manchester 31 Aug 2019

Newsnight 8 October 2019

Interview with Il Saggiatore, Ferrara

Newsnight 25 September 2019

Clear Bright Future at the RSA

Capitalism had a beginning…it will have an end

Resonance FM – with James Butler

Can the left talk about what it means to be human – and should it? And what does it mean to live an anti-fascist life? Listen here

Interview with Radio New Zealand

Paul Mason discusses Clear Bright future on NZ Radio’s Nine til Noon

Confessions with Giles Fraser: Unherd

Giles Fraser chats with journalist, film-maker and author Paul Mason about his musical family, why neoliberalism killed culture and the socialist ideal of cricket on a summer’s evening.

There’s going to be a Global Spring

Talking Politics Podcast: Clear Bright Future

David Runciman and Helen Thompson talk to Paul Mason about his new book Clear Bright Future – a radical defence of the human being in the age of digital transformation and a call to political action.  The book covers a lot of ground and so do we: Trump and Nietzsche, machine learning and network effects, climate change and neoliberalism, secular humanism and Christian Enlightenment.  But no Brexit!  A conversation about the biggest political choices we face and the deep philosophical questions that lie behind them.

Trump, Brexit, Catalan independence…

BBC R4: Spinning Yarns

In a four-part radio documentary for BBC Radio 4, Paul Mason tells the story of the British cotton industry. All four episodes here. First broadcast June 2007.

BBC R4: Portraying the Poor

Paul Mason surveys whether the account of working class life given by middle class writers is full and fair. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, February 2010. Click here for Episode 1, here for Episode 2.

BBC R4: Richard Wagner: Power, Sex and Revolution

Two hundred years after the composer’s birth, Paul Mason takes a fresh look at the man whose music has gripped him for as long as he can remember. BBC Radio 4, May 2013. Click here for Episode 1 and here for Episode 2.

What’s left of Marx’s ideas?

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Automation, AI and the future of Work

Edinburgh University Informatics Forum, 12 March 2019. Click here for audio.

Why are we obsessed with cyborgs and zombies?

Resist machine control

Social media – how the elites fought back